Sunday, 12 May 2013

A gender casually bombarded with molestation

Most would assume its only unsuccesful, desperate females who get churned in the direction of 'give what you have to get what you want.', But behind the exaggerated acts in our home videos 'nollywood movies' is a tangible truth to what we often put off as mere drama. Its not until you hear of the bank marketer who is literally compelled to put more than her business client offer on sale, or a member of the congregation who is asked to open her legs so she can 'receive the anointing', maybe not until you experience it first-hand that it dawns that the overly repeated drama we watch occasionally  actually has a large chunk of authenticity to it.

You therefore might be able to Imagine my surprise as I sat in shocked silence and pretence confusion - an unknowing female still caught in the disbelief that the nollywood movies actually portrayed real life scenarios - listening to the pot bellied man trying to convince me of the merits of having a sexual relationship with him, my lecturer, a professor not younger than 45.

Now, ask me what I had done to get myself here... It wasn't inappropriate clothes, or overly exposed skin that caused his dirty old mind to devise such nonentity, it was in fact something far off from immoral behaviour or improper dressing. Innocence and reserve.

Listening, a little light headed, I wondered if the pretty tall girl from the set two years ago was approached in the same manner, I wondered how many more females he had imposed this same plight on, I wondered what the consequences would be if I refused. I wondered, and my confusion turned to fright, and my silence to tumbling incoherent words I hoped might somehow save me.

The impending doom due to the negligence of a situation this grave scares the shit out of me. At the moment, a solution is needed, a way out... that won't ruin me or my education.


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  1. Find a trusted faculty to discuss it with and urge their silence pending how the professor reacts especially towards your grades, then blow the trumpet if he does react per reflecting on your grade , that way you have a testifying faculty.